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Hey there! I'm trainerkelly and I make things & share to inspire and entertain YOU!

This is the Central Network (i.e. this website!), where you can find all my work in one place...or at least, that's what this is supposed to be.

Where's the content?

Myself (Queen Side) looking over the shoulder of Myself (Creator Side) on my laptop in anime form

All the content here on the Central Network that is this lovely website is currently packed away and hidden, all so I can devise the perfect plan and start to slowly drip it out into the world…

…in other words, I’m in the process of getting a clearer image for my Network and don’t feel like having unnecessary things lingering – especially since I don’t know what is necessary and what isn’t.

But you’ll know when I’m back though because suddenly, BAM! CONTENT! *cue jazz hands*

For now though…uh…art commissions are open on alternating months, so go ahead and check out the site linked in the next section.

January 2023

Support Me on Ko-FI

Support Me on Ko-Fi

I want to say something like "My Ko-Fi page is officially reopened!" except it never closed – I just took everything down for a bit.

I'm posting again – this time with new tiers & perks!

Highly recommend for discounts on my art commissions, slightly more detailed behind the scenes of work being done, and get access to my original illustrations that I'm ready & willing to post. (Fan art and art commission posts are free!)

Private Use is OK

Subject to change without notice.

If you're looking at my illustrations and are like "whoa, I wish I could use them" – if it's private personal use, then it's okay!

What counts as "Private Personal Use"? Let me give you some ideas:

  • You download the image to view at anytime to your computer, phone, or tablet;
  • Use as the wallpaper or lock screen for phone or tablet;
  • Use as a wallpaper on your computer;
  • Print out and hang up on your wall;
  • Invitations you make for a small event (less than 50 people);
  • Avatar for Discord or other chat app;
  • Slip-in Cover of a binder you use for school or work;
  • Arts & Craft project you're doing for you, a friend, or a family member in small quantities (less than 50);

If you are looking to do anything outside of that scope or creating something for money in a business-like sense (your family member or friend compensating you for a one-off project does not count; taking orders for custom work on Etsy even as a hobby is a different matter), ask me for permission either via my social accounts!

The benefit to asking permission is that if I say "yes" to you, I'll be able to hand you higher-quality's a WIN!

Please Note: Asking for permission does not guarantee a yes. However, feel free to ask anyway!

Who am I?

A photo of TrainerKelly (Kelly Mulry)

I’m Kelly Mulry, known as trainerkelly throughout my Network. I’ve been drawing since 3rd grade, writing since 4th grade, among other things. I love books, especially manga, with light novels coming in second. I’m passionate about many things, but surprisingly, drawing and writing aren’t two of them (at least, not at the moment) – I just feel kind of compelled to do them, but don’t ask me to explain what I do because I don’t really understand it myself.

I don’t really know how to define myself. However, lots of people have used the following words to describe me:

  • creative
  • artist
  • writer
  • drawer
  • unique
  • independent
  • professional
  • grouchy
  • unsocial

Whether or not those are true, I’m not entirely sure...nor do I think I care that much. Why do I have to define it?

And for those of you who do care, my pronouns are they/them/their and he/him/his. Choose whichever you’d like to refer to me by.

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AMAZING for behind-the-scenes, with rambles and other things mixed in. Great if you want to know me personally. Not so great if you don’t care about me as much as you do what I create and share with you.

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