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You have an idea. I have the skills. Let's make it happen.


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Commission Status: OPEN

Typical turnaround time is 2 to 4 weeks from starting. Starting may not be immeditate.

About Art Commissions By Kelly Mulry

You have an idea. You know you have this absolutely brilliant anime illustration in mind and you know exactly how to describe it. However, you are painfully aware you don't have the skills to draw it.

But that's where I come in – I do have the skills to draw it for you.

So, look at what I do, get to ordering, and let me help make your anime art dreams come true. ✨

Not convinced? Read the testimonials.

About Kelly Mulry

I'm Kelly Mulry, although you might know me better as trainerkelly. My pronouns are the singular they/them. I've been drawing since 2002/2003 and haven't stopped since! I mostly draw artwork related to my original stories that are available over at TrainerKelly's Network, although I have drawn a handful of artwork for other people over the years.

My art style is influenced primarily by Pokémon™ with a smidge Tokyo Mew Mew and other magical girl anime/manga in for good measure. As for my coloring styles, Vibrant Daydreams (formerly Painted Dreams) was a result of experimentation mixed with a desire to differentiate my original artwork from my fan art, while cel-shading is based on...well, anime.

You can learn more about all the projects I have been involved in and beyond at my portfolio.


You probably have questions and I most likely have the answers!


How do I order from you?

You may purchase on Etsy, message me via e-mail (, send me a message on deviantART, Twitter, Discord (trainerkelly#3115 – please tell me you are looking to order a commission!!), or really anywhere you can reach me.

Can I message you on Skype?

I no longer use Skype. Please choose another method.

Can I pay you in deviantART points?

I am not accepting deviantART points at this time.

What ways can I pay for my commission?

Etsy, Paypal, or Venmo. The e-mail address I provide on here is NOT my e-mail for Paypal or Venmo. I will provide the directions on how to pay me once I quote your order and ensure all details are correct. I don’t want you overpaying and I don’t want to undercharge you either!

I was previously a VIP member. Do my discounts still apply?


How many pieces can I order at once?

One at a time.

Can I reserve a spot?

Commissions are first-come, first-serve. I typically work on them out of order though, like everything else.

When do you work on commissions?

I work on them whenever I feel like it. You'll know because you'll suddenly be bombaraded with work-in-progress screenshots and approval check-ins by me.

Consider booking a streaming session with me if you would like it done faster! (I will let you know when I am available.)

How long does it take you to finish a commission?

It depends on the piece, my workflow, and how long it takes for you to reply back to me.

Typical turnaround times are 2 to 4 weeks from starting your commission.

(Starting can be anywhere from same day to within 2 years.)

I want to order multiple full body characters with no backgrounds. They do not interact with each other. Can I just create a sheet of them to save money?

No, not at this time. I am only allowing single-character commissions

I don’t want a full body piece. Will you lower the price?


Do you offer any discounts?

I periodically host sales. Please follow my social media pages for announcements of such sales.

YouTuber & Influencer

I’m a YouTuber/Influencer and I want to commission artwork to use on my channel(s)! Is that okay?

Yes, but I need to take a look at your channel first, regardless if it's a YouTube channel, Instagram page, or some other platform. If I find your content offensive, I will reject your commission for any channel artwork.

Please Note: I ONLY do single character commissions, do only one commission at a time, and will NOT do long-term projects.

If I accept your commission, then sure, go ahead! You MUST provide me a text credit somewhere when possible, such as “Artwork by Kelly Mulry (” or "Artwork by @_trainerkelly_" (Instagram) in a description box or in a caption. Failure to provide credit when it is clearly possible to do so will result in you becoming blacklisted and unable to commission me in the future.

How much does it cost to order from you?

It's the same as my usual costs.

Other Businesses, Organizations, & Types of People

I’m a small business owner/organization/independent artist and I want to collaborate with you for some artwork. Can we do that?

Please e-mail me at with the subject line of “COLLABORATION”. Please include project details, include pay range and expectations, such as deadlines.

Please Note: I do not do long-term work. I only do short-term work (no more than a month).


I want to commission you, but I can't afford your prices. Will you lower them for me?

No. However, don't be afraid to reach out to me and ask! Who knows – maybe you'll catch me when I'm being generous. 😉

Do you post the finished commission pieces?

I may post them, but only with your permission. The only place I really have to post them is my personal Instagram, Twitter, on my Etsy shop, or on this page, as I want to keep the rest of my pages focused on my content for TrainerKelly's Network.

Can I post the final commission piece?

YES! Absolutely! I just ask for credit, if there is a place to put credits. For example, in a description box. If it’s a website where you can link to my account, such as through an @reply (Example: On Instagram, "Artwork by @_trainerkelly_; commissioned by me" works), please do so. If not, please credit me as “Artwork drawn by Kelly Mulry (; Commissioned by me”.

Dang it! I was going to order a commission from you, but you’re closed! When will you reopen?

I close and reopened based on my needs and availability. I will announce when they are re-opened. I recommend periodically checking the top of the page to see if I am open. Otherwise, follow me on social media and keep an eye out!

Do you offer physical prints of my commissioned piece?

Not at this time. Feel free to print it out on your own.

Can I resell my commission as an NFT?

No, not at this time.


Testimonials from happy customers!

Please Note: Options seen in testimonials may no longer be available.

Note: Testimonials may have been slightly edited to provide correct pronouns for myself or to avoid pronouns altogether.


Kelly is a great artist who I've been very happy working with. And hope to continue to do so in the future.

They had a good understanding of what I was looking for in my projects and takes criticism and notes very well. Even with more complex expressions and designs, they took the job head on, hungry to better themselves.

The first thing they will tell you is that their style is very flexible, and that's absolutely right! While they have more of a familiarity with anime designs, they have no problem drawing with more Western sensibilities as well.

I say you can't go wrong with them!

Justin from The Voice Cast

(September 2021)

Artwork Samples

Samples of artwork done for Justin by Kelly. Click the image for additional details.

Justin's Art Commission – Justin looking tired while smiling and giving a thumbs up. Justin's Art Commission – Shman King Trio

Shaman King © Hiroyuki Takei, Kodansha


When I had work done by Kelly, they did an incredible job on everything I bring to them in terms of art I wanted to have commissioned.

Moreover, I found their skill, and the way they operates quite effectively, very willing with a positive attitude within reasonable limits, and quite detailed when it comes to their work as they are willing to learn, keep learning, and garnish experience over the course of their work doing art commissions for others. What I like is the fact that they, and I keep in touch about the progress of work that commences right up to the final product which in such turn, I enjoy how it really comes out in the end anyway.

I was not only a repeat customer in the past, but every time I given them something to bring to life, they really met my expectations, and kept amazing me. In conclusion, they are someone I would recommend for the service they give is well worth it if one considers.


(September 2021)

Want to submit your own? You can e-mail me at or message me in one of the many ways you can contact me, as seen in the order section.


What You Can Expect From Me:

  • Completing one piece at a time;
  • Work-in-progress sketches and screenshots;
  • Check in every step of the way to ensure the illustration is coming out just as you would like!
  • Provide you with a high quality PNG (print-quality) (other formats available upon request);

Please Note: I require you to approve the art piece as I go along, so I can make adjustments along the way. If you do not reply within 2 or 3 days, I will message you again. If you do not reply after 2 or 3 more days, I will move forward with the piece. Please keep in mind NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE AFTER I START SHADING.

What I Need From You:

  • Provide me with all the details I will need to create your piece, including:
    • list of characters and actions they are performing in the piece;
    • description of background, if applicable;
    • references to each character and (if applicable) backgrounds;
  • Payment up-front

What I Do:

  • anime selfies (yourself or a loved one as an anime-style);
  • fan OR original characters
  • Fanservice, ecchi, and hentai (please ask what I DON’T do);
  • Artwork for personal use ONLY, unless you are specifically asking as a YouTuber/Influencer;
  • Make changes to the piece prior to shading;
  • Assist you in coming up with ideas (or fine-tuning the ones you have);

What I DON’T Do:

  • Multiple characters or poses;
  • Canon characters and/or celebs
  • Commissions of my characters or of myself, as that seems redundant to me;
  • Commercial pieces (please contact me if you are looking for a commercial piece);
  • Animations;
  • Creating a character for you;
  • Comics;
  • Fanservice, ecchi, and hentai involving REAL people OR any of my characters;
  • Certain fetishes – please ASK;
  • Artwork promoting hate of any kind;
  • Complex or highly-detailed artwork, such as gundams or clothing with intricate details & patterns;
  • Anything other than my own style;
  • Placing characters in situations I am not comfortable with – please ASK;
  • Make changes once I start shading. Unless you want changes to the effects & overlays at the very end or something VERY minor (such as adding an extra tree, rock, or something to the background), I won't change anything after shading;
  • NFTs

Please Note: I have the right to CANCEL (with a full OR partial refund depending on how far along I have gotten) and/or REFUSE your commission, including not sharing the reason. I also have the right to BLACKLIST you for any reason, including harassment, without notice.

Refund Policy

Absolutely no refunds unless I choose to cancel your commission. This is a commitment.


All prices are listed in USD.

Base Styles

Base price includes coloring. Sketches alone do NOT include coloring.

A single character is included in the base price.

Styles Price
Regular (Single Character) $450
Chibi (Single Character) $150
Sketch Only 50% off the style price

Add-Ons & Additional Options

Add-Ons/Additional Options Price
No Background FREE
Single Color Background FREE
Multi-Colored Background FREE
Simple Background FREE

Simple backgrounds can be simple patterns (such as hearts and stars, geometric shapes, etc.) or backgrounds without a lot of details to them, such as a starry night with a giant full moon. Please note textures & overlays often create the impression of a simple background, so you may not need to order that at all.

Streaming Sessions

I am available to stream the artwork I am doing for you in a private session. You can give me live feedback and can potentially result in a faster turnaround time (a few hours instead of a few weeks). Get to see the whole process before you eyes!

Price is FREE. Included with your purchase.

Each livestream will be in about 2.5 to 3 hour blocks (may conclude in less time). Multiple sessions can be scheduled, if needed.


Get a better look at how I draw and color with these examples. These examples are all artwork I created for TrainerKelly's Network. However, they perfectly show what I can do!

How to Order

You can contact me through:

  • Email:
  • Instagram: trainerkellymulry
  • Twitter: trainerkelly
  • deviantART: trainerkelly
  • Discord: trainerkelly#3115

Please provide the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Best place to contact you (NO SKYPE) + username (if applicable)
  • Drawing Style (Regular or Chibi)
  • Coloring – Sketch or Color
  • Background type (See above)
  • Picture Size (Square, US Letter Size, 16:9, etc.)
  • DETAILS DETAILS DETAILS – description of ARTWORK, description of BACKGROUND, descriptions of EVERYTHING!
  • REFERENCES, references to ALL THE THINGS – the character, the setting (if applicable), clothing they are wearing (if different from their normal clothes), etc.
  • Anything else you would like to note

Additional Information Needed for ANIME SELFIES:

  • Who the selfie is of (you, a family member, a friend)
  • Photo the selfie is going to be based on (optional, but highly preferred)
  • Headshots showing the whole head and shoulders from the front, side, and back, if possible (at the very least, I need to see facial features)
  • Eye color of each person (I can't always see in the photos)
  • Full body photo from the front, side, and back (full body = head to toe) (optional, but highly recommended)
  • A brief summary of who you (or the person) is as a person. Let me know your personality and your likes and dislikes! It helps me infuse YOU into the piece.
  • Close-ups to anything unique about you that will be shown in the selfie – for example, a prosethic arm or leg, a birth mark on your arm, etc. I want to be able to draw it as accurately as possible;
  • Any changes you want made to your anime self that differs from real life – for example, I draw myself skinner than I am in real life by choice;
  • Anything else listed in the previous section;

GOOD Example Order

This is an example of what I prefer for a commission order.

Hello! I'm Kelly and I'm looking to place an art commission order for you. My email is The best place to contact me is my Discord, trainerkelly#3115.

I would like your regular drawing style in color. I would like a single color background in a light pastel pink. For the picture size, could you make it 800 x 600 pixels? That would be my preference.

There are two characters in the picture – my original characters, [name] and [name]. They are sitting on the ground, snuggling up, reading a good book together. [name] is holding the book. [name] is giggling. They are both also holding hands.

I don't have any pictures of my OCs, so I'm going to describe them the best I can. I have linked to pictures that are pretty close to what I am going for.

[Name] has short, fire engine red hair cut in a bob. Their eyes are a deep navy blue. They wear dark blue shorts and a white crop-top. They wear high-top sneakers that are red.

Here are a few good pictures of what I am talking about:

[insert links to hair and clothing]

As for [name], they wear their purple hair up in twin buns and a black lolita dress. They have dark colored lipstick.

Here are some references:

[insert links for hair, dress, and make-up]

As for the pose, I was thinking something like [link] or [link].

That should be all for now. Please let me know the price. I am ready to pay up front. I look forward to working with you!

BAD Example Order

Please don't do this unless you're providing a bunch of references.

I would like [character name] in a pink dress.

(Seriously though...that is WAY too little detail. What style should I draw it in? Is it a sketch or in color? What kind of background? What kind of pose? WHAT KIND OF DRESS?! Who's the character and what series are they from or are they your original character? HELP ME.)

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Tipping & Monthly Support

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