Art Commissions by Kelly Mulry

You have an idea. I have the skills. Let's make it happen.


About Art Commissions By Kelly Mulry

You have an idea.
You have this absolutely brilliant anime illustration in mind and you know exactly how to describe it. However, you are painfully aware you don't have the skills to draw it yourself.

That's where I come in
– I do have the skills to draw it for you.

So, look at what I do, get to ordering, and let me help make your anime art dreams come true.

Not convinced? Read the testimonials.

I specialize in anime selfies. I also love drawing your fan characters! Your original story characters are cool too.

Learn More About the Process

You send me your order. I message you back. We make plans. I draw the thumbnail sketch. You send the payment. Either you schedule a livestream with me or I start your art commission my next available work day as per my schedule and workload.

The actual art process is a total of 7 steps, divided into two parts – the sketch and the coloring. I work on 1 to 2 steps a day, unless we're doing the private livestream

(Don’t want a private livestream? No problem – I can just send screenshots.)


Open every other month starting in January except November and December.

Pre-orders are taken one month, then fulfilled the next.

Confused? Here’s a table to help you out:

Month Status
January OPEN – Preorder
February CLOSED – Fulfillment
March OPEN – Preorder
April CLOSED – Fulfillment
May OPEN – Preorder
June CLOSED – Fulfillment
July OPEN – Preorder
August CLOSED – Fulfillment
September OPEN – Preorder
October CLOSED – Fulfillment
November Closed – NO ORDERS
December Closed – NO ORDERS

Additionally, I am unavailable on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, and FRIDAYS regardless of the month.

If you need a response from me, I will respond either on TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY, or SUNDAY.

Professional clients may request my presence on my days off a limited number of times. Please email me at for more information.

Turn-Around Time

Commissions have a turnaround time as little as a week! This depends on my workload.

Commissions with a scheduled stream will be worked on and during that timeframe. The only piece that will done before then is the thumbnail sketch.

Commissions without a livestream will be worked on a rotating schedule with one to two steps a work day (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday/Sunday). Please keep an eye out in your preferred contact method for screenshots for approval! This ensures your piece will get done faster!

Clarification Timeframe

I’ll need to reach out to you to make sure I understand what you’re looking for in a piece.

Please keep an eye out on your preferred contact method in order to ensure a speedy completion of your order.

Private Livestreams (and How They Work)

And highly

I invite you to attend two 2-hour block sessions via an unlisted YouTube livestream link in which you get to see the whole artwork process…LIVE!

Give me feedback right then and there – no need for going back and forth with screenshots and deal with missed emails or messages.

You’ll schedule through the link I provide to you once I accept your commission.

You’re welcome to invite your friends and family to the stream. However, I’ll only be taking feedback from YOU – unless you tell me otherwise.

I may be silent for most of the livestream in order to focus on perfecting your piece – however, I may speak up to ask questions, comment, or respond to comments! Otherwise, I’ll just type my response.

PLEASE NOTE: Some pieces may require only one session. Some pieces may require more than two. If more than two sessions, we can make arrangements for additional days OR you can choose to have me move forward without the livestream.


How would a commissioned piece by me possibly look? Let me help get your imagination going with these examples.

Kelly Mulry (Anime Form – Queen) smiling a bit smug
Myself (Anime Form – Queen) – SKETCH ONLY – Vibrant Daydreams
Kelly Mulry (Anime Form – Queen) smiling a bit smug in color
Myself (Anime Form – Queen) – Vibrant Daydreams
Kelly Mulry (Anime Form – Creator) floating in the air while listening to music
Myself (Anime Form – Creator) – SKETCH ONLY – Vibrant Daydreams
Kelly Mulry (Anime Form – Creator) floating in the air while listening to music
Myself (Anime Form – Creator) – Vibrant Daydreams
Kelly Mulry (Anime Form – Creator) holding a tablet with hand raised with tablet pen
Myself (Anime Form – Creator –  Full Body Chibi COLORED
Kelly Mulry (Anime Form – Queen) frowning with arms crossed
Myself (Anime Form – Queen) – Full Body Chibi COLORED

How to Order

Click the tab below to see more information. Otherwise, scroll down to order.


All options are limited to 1 character/pose/person with a super simple background.

No need to hesitate – if I don't do something, ask! Even though I most likely will say no, you may end up an exception!

Drawing Style

Let's make it simple: 2 styles.

Vibrant Daydreams
Chibi – Full-body only (except for professional clients)
What's the difference?

Vibrant Daydreams: Has nose, shaped head often with a pointed chin, usually 5-finger digits all the time. Typically 4.5 ~ 5-head for proportions. Sketch lines. Beautiful.

Chibi: No nose, mitten hands (except for certain hand gestures), rounded head, rounded feet. Typically 3-heads for proportions. Clean lines. Absolutely adorable.

Sketch or Colored

Leave the sketch or lineart as-is for a lower price or go all-out with an eye-catching full color piece.

Full Color


Help bring your piece together.

Solid Color/
Subtle Gradient
Super Simple

Finished Product Example

See how it all comes together.

Vibrant Daydreams Colored & Textured
Chibi – Colored


Influencers, Content Creators, Brands, & Companies: Please email me at for your special pricing.

1-character with optional, complimentary simple background (solid colored, gradient, or super simple like a starry sky or a giant moon).

There are no options for more than 1-character (except with a pet) at this time, although there are ways around it. Ask me for suggestions and I'll be happy to help!

Style Price (USD)
Vibrant Daydreams $120
Cel-Shaded Chibi (Full Body Only) $40
Vibrant Daydreams (Sketch Only) $60
Cel-Shaded Chibi (Full Body Lineart Only) $20

The artwork size will be 8 inches x 10 inches, although other sizes are available upon request!

All prices are in USD.

Can't Afford It?

If you could you would buy from me with the prices I offer, but I am outside of your budget, please message me to discuss your options!

I want to help make your anime dreams come true, after all!


Monthly Ko-Fi Trainees Get a Discount

If you support me monthly on Ko-Fi, you are able to get a small discount depending on your tier.

Either order directly on Ko-Fi or link me your Ko-Fi page via DM on other platforms or email.

Save More – Be an Early Buyer

Why spend more when you can spend less? Early buyers get a discount – Week 1 (1st – 7th) is 40% and Week 2 (8th – 14th) is 20%!

How does that look?

Style Base Week 1 Week 2
Vibrant Daydreams $120 $72 $96
Cel-Shaded Chibi (Full Body Only) $40 $24 $32
Vibrant Daydreams (Sketch Only) $60 $36 $48
Cel-Shaded Chibi (Full Body Lineart Only) $20 $12 $16

Check your calendar and see if you're an early buyer!

All prices are in USD.

Discounts do not apply to Professional Clients except for individuals who are monthly Ko-Fi Trainees who are not representing brands or companies. Please email for more information.

Get in Bulk & Save Some More

You've got a plethora ideas – so why not put in a multi-order now and SAVE more?

Whether it's the early bird special or the base price, take a percentage off your total order with one of these two packages.

Package 1: 5 Pieces

5 pieces total.

20% OFF the total price.

Note: I generally only do one piece at a time, therefore all 5 pieces may take more than a month to complete. They will still be worked on during pre-order months, if necessary.

Package 2: 10 Pieces

10 Pieces total.

40% OFF total price.

Note: I generally only do one piece at a time, therefore all 10 pieces may take more than a month to complete. They will still be worked on during pre-order months, if necessary.

Rules & Guidelines

Expect This From Me

  • Private livestream OR work-in-progress screenshots & sketches;
  • Check-ins during every step to make sure the piece is PERFECT (note: does not apply to livestreams);
  • High-quality, lossless PNG (print-quality) – other formats available upon request;

I need your approval in order to move onto the next step – if you don’t reply after I contact you 3 times, I will move forward anyway; NO CHANGES CAN BE MADE once I begin shading;

Expectations for YOU

  • Desire to commission me
  • An idea, no matter how vague, of what you want (example: an anime selfie of yourself)
  • Payment upfront (unless discussed & agreed otherwise);
  • Make changes up to 3 times to the piece BEFORE the shading;
  • Make changes to the effects, textures, and overlays up to 3 times

What I Do

  • Single character/person/pose commissions for personal use (plus a pet is OK; for commercial/professional use, please email at Anime selfies, your own character, a family member, a friend, probably most things you can imagine if they're simple enough;
  • Changes before I start shading;
  • Assist you in coming up with and/or finetuning your amazing ideas;

Believe It or Not, There are Things I Don’t Do

I want to give you the best of the best, so there are certain things I won't do because I won't be able to deliver on that promise for one reason or another.

Whether or not I will do something – including things I 100% will not do – is NOT a reflection of my opinion. It simply means that it is NOT a service I offer.

  • Multiple characters or poses;
  • Non-Full Body Chibi Artwork (EXCEPTION: professional clients);
  • Detailed backgrounds;
  • Commissions of myself or my characters;
  • Create characters for you from the ground up (describing your character and giving me image references in order to draw up a single reference is OK – in this case, I’m compiling the character, not creating it);
  • Animations;
  • Comics/Manga;
  • Fan service, ecchi, hentai, & fetish art;
  • Complex or highly detailed pieces;
  • Something other than my style;
  • Changes after shading;
  • NFTs;
  • AI Art;
  • NO REFUNDS – unless I cancel it;

Even though I say I won’t – save for NFTs, AI Art, Animations, and Complex/Highly Detailed pieces – feel free to ask! Answer is most likely still a “no” – but who knows. Maybe you have a simple enough idea that isn’t that much of a stretch to do.

Info Needed

Let's make this simple and start the consulation process.

All you need is a desire to have a commission created by me and the slightest hint of an idea.

I can help you figure out the rest of the details.

Think you know what you want or want to provide me with more information?

Here's a checklist for you (see the tabs above for more info):

  • Drawing style (Vibrant Daydreams OR Chibi);
  • Sketch/Lineart Only OR Colored;
  • Backgound style;
  • Your idea;
  • Any references you would like to provide;

Where to Order

Send me a DM on social media, on Ko-Fi, or wherever I posted my commission information (may not be listed below – if in doubt, please email me the link to the post!).

Alternately, email at with your order.

Monthly Ko-Fi Trainees get a small discount. See your subscription tier for more details.