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TrainerKelly’s Network is an online archive and online shop for original works by trainerkelly (Kelly Mulry), which includes, but is not limited to: original stories (fiction & non-fiction), illustrations, and blog posts. “TKN”, “I”, or “me” refers to TrainerKelly’s Network in this privacy policy. This privacy policy includes all platforms under control of TrainerKelly’s Network, including those run on third party websites.

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to:

If you do not want TrainerKelly’s Network to collect, store, use, or share any of your information described in this privacy policy, you may not use TrainerKelly’s Network.

1. Information I Collect

What information am I collecting?

How do I collect the information?

2. Use of personal information

What is the purpose of collecting this information?

The information is shared with third-parties on a need-to-know basis only. The current third parties used are:

What can you do about the information?

How do I protect your information?

Communications Policy

When you contact me via e-mail, I will only use your e-mail address strictly to reply back to you. It will be stored and used for future communication if necessary. I will never send unsolicited e-mails nor share or sell the information with others unless requested otherwise.

When you sign-up for the newsletter, you sign-up for the newsletter. It will never be used to contact you for any other reason. You may opt-out at any time via the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the e-mail.

Future Policy Changes

I will be updating this privacy policy as TranierKelly’s Network expands its offerings and services. I will let you know at least 30 days before the effective date of policy changes in order for you to make decisions of what you would like to do about your information before then. You will have time after the changes to control your information as well.

Privacy Policy Questions & Concerns

Please contact me at with privacy policy concerns.

Last Updated: 2024 April 8th